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“Beyond Freedom Evolution” is a proprietary Success Education program consisting of 7 modules, or courses: Know For Yourself, Departure, Decision, Action, Foundation Live, Sovereignty Live and Influence Live. The 12-month on-line Curriculum consists of videos, audios, written Guidebook material, a Journaling system and an exclusive social media platform for participants (The Mastermind).
Success Statistics
Polaris Global has published the results from a 60-question survey to students of their program, measuring before and after results in 16 Advanced Success Skills categories. The survey reports an unprecented 75% increase in life effectiveness after utilizing these products.
Awards and Recognition
Polaris Global, and its companion media company, Polaris Global Media, has won numerous awards for it’s educational and feature documentary products. They were also recognized as a Learning100! Award-winner as a top learning organization worldwide by Elearning! Media Group.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How long has the company been in business?
Polaris Global, Inc., and it's companion media company, Polaris Global Media, LLC began business in April, 2010.

Is this a business opportunity or a retail product?
Both. The product is available for retail purchase for those who want to experience its personal and educational benefits and/or gain credits toward an advanced degree in Personal Leadership Development. It is also a business opportunity for those interested in becoming a licensed reseller of the product. Free training and support is provided for those participating in the business opportunity.

Where is the Product being sold?
Polaris Global products are currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

How many customers have used it?
To date, over 50,000 customers have used "Beyond Freedom Evolution" and/or its first-generation product, "Beyond Freedom".

What is the product about?
"Beyond Freedom Evolution" is a different kind of personal development product. It is very results-oriented offering exercises and learning in a very specific order to maximize the results student get on their overall life skills and satisfaction.

Does the company or its products endorse any political or religious agenda?
No. The company, and it's flagship product, "Beyond Freedom Evolution", is neutral with respect to political and religious views. It does not support or endorse any particular party or faith-based belief system. The product is designed to work on a personal level regardless of the individual's background or faith.

How can someone tell whether an online business is worthwhile?
There are several clear ways: a worthwhile business always focuses on having a unique and well-developed product line; receives third party validation and recognition from awards and reviews; makes no promises of automated systems that make money for you while you sleep; allows no profit earned soley for signing up others into "the business"; provides strong training and support; creates working relationships with real people whose name and phone number you have access to; shows an obvious dedication to professionalism and quality; demonstrates a strong focus on product sales in addition to recruiting new resellers; makes no promises or guarantees of income; makes common sense.
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